CCI Advisory Committee Meeting—Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Access videos and presentations from the meeting via the links below.



  • Familiarize committee with science communication research and current climate communications landscape
  • Gather input from potential audiences and stakeholders on needs from, and opportunities for, the NASEM in this space
9:00 AM Opening remarks
Marcia McNutt, President, National Academy of SciencesVideo
9:15 AM Introduction and Goals for the initiative
David Titley, Chair, Advisory Committee for the Climate Communications Initiative
Video | Slides

9:30 AM Keynote: Telling the Whole Story, not Just the Bad Parts
Richard Alley (NAS), Pennsylvania State UniversityVideo | Slides
Discussion — Video
10:00 AM Perspectives on Science of Climate Communication — Video
Moderator: Bill Hallman

  • Tony Leiserowitz, Yale Project on Climate Change Communication
  • Dominique Brossard, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • John Gastil, Pennsylvania State University

Discussion — Video

11:00 AM The Climate Communications Landscape — Video
Moderator: Sue Tierney

  • Lexi Schultz, American Geophysical Union
  • Paul Hanle, Climate Central
  • Lynn Scarlett, The Nature Conservancy
  • Joseph Majkut, Niskanen Center
  • Katie Reeves, USGCRP
  • Won Ha, Energy Foundation

Discussion — Video

12:00 PM


1:00 PM Agriculture, Health, and Human Impact Perspectives — Video
Moderator: Maureen Lichtveld (NAM)

  • Georges Benjamin (NAM), American Public Health Association
  • James Goodman, Northwood Farm
  • Lanor Curole, United Houma Nation
  • Jeremy Symons, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Cara Pike, Climate Access

Discussion — Video

2:00 PM Energy, Industry, and Utility Perspectives — Video
Moderator: Lou Schick

  • Haroon Kheshgi, ExxonMobil
  • Sharon Burke, New America
  • Erica Brown, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies
  • Pamela Doughman, California Energy Commission

Discussion — Video

3:00 PM


3:30 PM Learning and Public Engagement Perspectives — Video
Moderator: Matt Krehbiel

  • Margo Murphy, Camden Hills Regional High
  • Rick Potts, Smithsonian Institution
  • David Sittenfeld, Boston Museum of Science
  • Kirsten Ellenbogen, Great Lakes Science Center
  • Charles Hibberd, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Discussion — Video

4:30 PM Public Communication & Media Perspectives — Video
Moderator: Sabrina McCormick

  • Edward Maibach, George Mason University Center for Climate Change
  • David Biello, TED

Discussion — Video

5:15 PM National Academy Member Reflections — Video
Moderator: David Titley

  • Ben Santer (NAS), LLNL
  • Andrew Brown, Jr. (NAE), Diamond Consulting
  • Bernard Goldstein (NAM), University of Pittsburgh, Emeritus

Discussion — Video

6:00 PM