Strategic Planning Task and Timeline

Planning for the Climate Communications Initiative will be guided by an Advisory Committee. The Statement of Task for the Advisory Committee for the Climate Communications Initiative is provided below, along with the timeline for the strategic planning phase.

Statement of Task

Within 6 months of being formed, the Advisory Committee will develop a strategic plan for the Climate Communications Initiative (CCI). The plan will:

  1. Articulate a mission, goals, and target audiences for the Climate Communications Initiative.
  2. Identify priorities for near-term and longer-term activities, including
    1. Audience and Message Research – How should the National Academies engage with target audiences to determine what communications approaches will be most effective?
    2. Print and Digital Content Development – What derivative materials should be developed? When and how should they be updated? Which audiences should be targeted and how should materials be tailored? How can authoring committees of consensus reports be guided in thinking about potential audiences and framing of messages as early as possible in the committee process so that their reports are useful to a broader spectrum of stakeholders and lead to the materials to be featured in the CCI?
    3. Rapid Response and Update Mechanisms – In what circumstances would it be useful for the National Academies to provide a rapid response or updates? How can the National Academies develop a rapid response and update mechanism (e.g., what would be the process for deciding to activate the process, preparing materials, review)?
    4. Social Media Strategy Oversight – How should the National Academies more actively utilize social media on matters related to climate science, impacts, and responses? How can we best build an audience? How can we maintain our imprimatur in the social media landscape?
    5. Working with Partner Organizations – With which organizations should the National Academies consider partnering? How should these partnerships be constructed?
    6. Provision of Key Data Sets or Graphics – Should the National Academies develop, vet, steward, or update key data sets (e.g., sea level rise projections, temperature data produced by government agencies) or graphics (e.g., figures from reports, infographics)? If so, what are the key considerations for deciding which materials to be included? Who would be the target audience for these materials? How would they be updated and vetted?
    7. Earned Media and Advertising – What sort of promotional campaigns should the National Academies consider for reaching audiences on the website, to communicate messages directly to audiences via social and traditional media, and to directly engage audiences?
  3. Recommend mechanisms to ensure coordination of related communication activities spanning the National Academies.
  4. Recommend mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the impact of the products and activities of the CCI.

After the strategic plan is completed, it will be reviewed and approved internally by the Governing Board Executive Council. Once approved, the Advisory Committee will continue to provide ongoing guidance on implementation. As appropriate and in keeping with the strategic plan, individual members or the Advisory Committee as a whole may be asked to routinely contribute to or review new communications materials or initiatives.  The specific charge to the Advisory Committee will be amended to reflect their strategic plan, and could include guiding development of new digital content, supporting social media engagement, and nurturing relationships with partner organizations that can help extend National Academies’ findings to other stakeholders.

Strategic Planning Timeline

August – October 2017 Solicit nominations for CCI Advisory Committee
November – December 2017 Appoint CCI Advisory Committee
December 2017 – February 2018 Advisory Committee plans public workshop
March 2018 Public Workshop
March – May 2018 Advisory Committee prepares strategic plan
June – July 2018 Seek approvals and plan for implementation of strategic plan