Climate Communications Initiative

Join the Advisory Committee of the Climate Communications Initiative for their public meeting on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, in Washington, DC. This meeting seeks to give the committee the opportunity to learn about science communication research and the current climate communications landscape, and gather input from potential audiences and stakeholders on needs from, and opportunities for, the NASEM in this space. While in-person space is limited, all sessions will be webcast. To register, click here, and be sure to participate in the conversation on Twitter using #NASEMClimateComms.

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The National Academies are establishing a new Climate Communications Initiative (CCI) to coordinate efforts across the institution to facilitate rapid and effective communication of evidence-based insights to an attentive public and critical decision makers. CCI will leverage consensus reports and ongoing activities across the depth and breadth of scientific disciplines housed at the National Academies to offer a suite of authoritative and objective materials and engagement opportunities.

Goals of the initiative are to:

  • Address public questions surrounding climate change by leveraging our robust and diverse body of work on the topic.
  • Provide easy access to evidence-based understanding of climate change to help advance the dialogue and inform responses.
  • Coordinate efforts across the institution to facilitate rapid and effective communication.
  • Apply best practices of science communication, including those identified in Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda (NASEM, 2017).
  • Develop innovative approaches that could be adapted to other contentious topics addressed by the National Academies.

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