Advisory Committee for the Climate Communications Initiative

The Advisory Committee for the Climate Communications Initiative will provide expert oversight and guidance for the Initiative (See Statement of Task). As a first step, the Advisory Committee, together with staff from across the National Academies, will develop a strategic plan for the Initiative. Once the strategic plan is completed and approved, the Advisory Committee will provide ongoing guidance on implementation. The specific charge to the Advisory Committee will be amended to reflect their strategic plan, and could include guiding development of new digital content, supporting social media engagement, nurturing relationships with partner organizations that can help extend National Academies’ findings to other stakeholders, and assisting in coordination with other related National Academies’ communications efforts.

The Advisory Committee will include approximately 10 members. We will seek members who have expertise in climate science, climate impacts and economics, potential response options, science communication, social media engagement, science education, and other issues considered to be contentious in public discourse.  In selecting members, efforts will be made to include individuals with experience and expertise related to the many climate and communication-related activities underway across the National Academies (e.g., by seeking members with joint appointments to other boards or former members of committees that issued key reports).