New Resources Explain Science of Climate Change

The National Research Council has developed two new resources designed to help the public gain a better understanding of what is known about climate change.  The new resources are based on a number of independent reports from the National Research Council that represent the consensus of experts who have reviewed hundreds of studies describing many years of accumulating evidence. The resources are free and downloadable from this site.


Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts and Choices

This 36-page booklet answers commonly asked questions about the science of climate change in three parts.  The first part summarizes the current state of knowledge about climate change; the second part explains some impacts expected in this century and beyond; and the third part examines how science can help inform choices about managing and reducing the risks posed by climate change.

The booklet is available for download from this site.   Coming later this summer:  the booklets will be available in sets of two from the National Academies Press (free, except for costs of shipping and handling).  Watch for more information here.



Climate Change: Lines of Evidence (video)

This video follows Part 1 of the booklet.  It explains the current scientific consensus about the causes of climate change.  The video is available on YouTube in full length (26 minutes) and also in shorter pieces, segmented by the questions being addressed.