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Studies in Progress

At any given time, dozens of studies are underway at the National Academies to address specific issues that will lead to reports. Here are a sample of the current studies in progress related to climate change.

Geoengineering Climate: Technical Evaluation of Selected Approaches, by the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Division on Earth and Life Studies


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Call for Nominations by July 8: Evaluation of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

The Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate and Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources are pleased to announce a new National Research Council (NRC) study on “Evaluation of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.” The National Academy of Sciences has been asked by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to convene an ad hoc committee to …

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Call for Nominations by June 30: Advisory Committee to USGCRP

The National Research Council’s Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate is seeking nomination for its Advisory Committee to the US Global Change Research (USGCRP), which organizes discussions, takes on tasks, and may produce reports on a variety of issues of importance to the USGCRP and its major program elements. 

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Geoengineering Climate: Technical Evaluation of Selected Approaches

The term “geoengineering” is used to describe deliberate, large-scale manipulations of Earth’s environment that might be used to potentially offset some of the consequences of climate change. Learn more about geoengineering. The concept has gained recent attention as a possible backstop measure if other emissions reduction strategies to are not successful or if climate trends …

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