Arctic Matters Day: Videos and Presentations

Fran Ulmer, U.S. Arctic Research Commission
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Coastal concerns: How will melting polar ice affect global sea level rise?
Richard Alley, Pennsylvania State University
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Crazy weather and a melting Arctic: Are they connected?
Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University
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Panel discussion: Extreme weather impacts on the U.S.
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Interlude: Gregg Treinish, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation
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Arctic Flux: Crossing the Boundary between Science and National Security
Jonathan White, Consortium for Ocean Leadership (U.S. Navy ret.)
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Panel discussion: Implications of the shrinking polar ice cap and the new “Arctic Ocean”
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Remarks from the U.S. State Department
Julia Gourley, Senior Arctic Official for the U.S
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Amplifying forces: How may permafrost carbon affect the trajectory of climate change?
Max Holmes, Woods Hole Research Center
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The Living Arctic: How do plants and animals of the tundra respond to and shape global change?
Natalie Boelman, Columbia University
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Interlude: Chris Michel, Arctic Images
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The Arctic Energy Revolution: How and why your future energy system is being pioneered in the Arctic
Gwen Holdmann, Alaska Center for Energy & Power
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Panel discussion: Can the Arctic be a new frontier for sustainable development?
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Closing remarks
Ambassador Mark Brzezinski, White House Arctic Executive Steering Committee
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