The Standing Committee on Support to the Department of Defense’s Programs to Counter Biological Threats explores emerging  approaches  and scientific opportunities to prevent or mitigate infection, develop manufacturing and infrastructure, improve awareness of exposure to biological agents, and reduce biothreats and their impacts through a series of small public meetings.

Select meetings are free and open to the public, but space is limited.

Our next meeting will focus on how the use of platforms can accelerate the development of vaccines, therapeutics, and other medical countermeasures and will be held at the National Academy’s Keck Center on July 27-28, 2015.

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 What Efficiencies Can Be Gained Through the Use of Platform Approaches?

This workshop will discuss efficiencies that could be gained by using “platform” approaches in the development of vaccines and therapeutics to protect military personnel and civilians against pathogens. Specifically, the discussion will center on the concept of time efficiencies that can be gained in selected steps of countermeasures development, such as production, quality control, and the evaluation of safety and efficacy. The meeting will describe the different types and applications of platforms as applied to product development and how platforms can specifically meet the DOD’s needs. The committee and the attendees, all coming from various backgrounds, will then review and discuss historical and recent examples of approved platform-based products. The objective is to explore precedents for the approval of platform-based products and to understand where efficiency was gained. Specifically for the DOD’s needs, participants will explore the lessons learned and how such lessons enable developers and regulatory agencies to jointly explore innovative and alternative ways to optimize time spent from development to approval and efficiently prepare for the unknown or respond to emergencies. Finally, a forward-looking discussion about the scientific promise of new technologies on the horizon will stimulate discussion on the potential of platform-based approaches for future applications.  An informal recap of the presentations and discussions at the workshop will be prepared by a designated rapporteur in accordance with institutional guidelines.