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Recent activities most relevant to the Standing Committee on Support to the DOD’s Programs to Counter Biological Threats are described below.

Biosecurity at the National Academies

The National Academies is actively engaged in questions related to biosecurity, biodefense, relevant aspects of public health, and broader discussions of the relationship between science and security.  Every part of the Academies has produced reports, conducted meetings, and formed international partnerships to address. The Biosecurity at the National Academies website pools information about National Academies’ reports, ongoing projects, and activities, as well as provides links to some of the growing number of biosecurity websites in the United States and overseas.

Biosecurity at the National Academies website

Committees and Forums

Forum on Microbial Threats

The Forum on Microbial Threats explores major challenges for the public health and medical care communities in detecting and managing infectious disease outbreaks and monitoring the prevalence of endemic diseases through a series of public meetings.

More Information

Reports and Workshop Summaries

Protecting the Frontline in Biodefense Research: The Special Immunizations Program

Assistance to the US Army Medical Research and Material Command with Preparation of a Risk Assessment for the Medical Countermeasures Test and Evaluation (MCMT&E) Facility at Fort Detrick, MD

Life Sciences and Related Fields: Trends Relevant to the Biological Weapons Convention

Review of the Scientific Approaches Used During the FBI’s Investigation of the Anthrax Letters

Challenges and Opportunities for Education About Dual Use Issues in the Life Sciences

Sequence-Based Classification of Select Agents: A Brighter Line

The Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise: Innovative Strategies to Enhance Products from Discovery Through Approval

Advancing Regulatory Science for Medical Countermeasure Development: Workshop Summary

BioWatch and Public Health Surveillance:Evaluating Systems for the Early Detection of Biological Threats: Abbreviated Version