International Topics

National Academies Reports


Developing Capacities for Teaching Responsible Science in the MENA Region: Refashioning Scientific Dialogue [C]

Positioning Synthetic Biology to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century:-Summary Report of a Six Academies Symposium Series [C]

Summary: Developing Capacities for Teaching Responsible Science in the MENA Region: Refashioning Scientific Dialogue (in English and Arabic)

The Unique U.S.-Russian Relationship in Biological Science and Biotechnology:-Recent Experience and Future Directions [C]


Biosecurity Challenges of the Global Expansion of High Containment Biological Laboratories


Life Sciences and Related Fields: Trends Relevant to the Biological Weapons Convention [C]

Research in the Life Sciences with Dual Use Potential: An International Faculty Development Project on Education About the Responsible Conduct of Science [C]

Trends in Science and Technology Relevant to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention: Summary of an International Workshop


Challenges and Opportunities for Education About Dual Use Issues in the Life Sciences [C]


Countering Biological Threats:  Challenges for the Department of Defense’s Nonproliferation Program Beyond the Former Soviet Union [C]

Countering Terrorism: Biological Agents, Transportation Networks, and Energy Systems: Summary of a U.S.-Russian Workshop

Global Security Engagement: A New Model for Cooperative Threat Reduction [C]

Russian Views on Countering Terrorism During Eight Years of Dialogue: Extracts from Proceedings of Four Workshops

The 2nd International Forum on Biosecurity: Summary of an International Meeting, Budapest, Hungary, March 30 to April 2, 2008

The Domestic and International Impacts of the 2009-H1N1 Influenza A Pandemic: Global Challenges, Global Solutions. Workshop Summary


Science and Technology to Counter Terrorism: Proceedings of an Indo-U.S. Workshop

The Biological Threat Reduction Program of the Department of Defense: From Foreign Assistance to Sustainable Partnerships [C]


Addressing Foodborne Threats to Health: Policies, Practices, and Global Coordination

Globalization, Biosecurity, and the Future  of the Life Sciences [C]

Review of Research Proposals for Cooperation with Former Soviet Biological Weapons Personnel and Institutes: Letter Report from December 2, 2005 [C]

The Impact of Globalization on Infectious Disease Emergence and Control: Exploring the Consequences and Opportunities


Biological Science and Biotechnology in Russia: Controlling Diseases and Enhancing Security [C]

An International Perspective on Advancing Technologies and Strategies for Managing Dual-Use Risks: Report of a Workshop


Biotechnology Research in an Age of Terrorism [C]

Terrorism: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Improving Responses: U.S – Russian Workshop Proceedings


High-Impact Terrorism: Proceedings of a Russian-American Workshop


Perspectives on the Department of Defense Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System: A Program Review [C]

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