Appendix I – Guidelines for Work with Toxins of Biological Origin

Appendix I:   Guidelines for Work with Toxins of Biological Origins

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  1. CSHEMA Biosafety Community of Practice's Gravatar CSHEMA Biosafety Community of Practice
    May 9, 2016    

    Page 385 (but more of a general comment): Our IBCs and IACUCs have had a difficult time defining what constitutes a “Bio Toxin”. Is it a chemical or of biological origin? Is it a chemical with a biological impact (which would be just about all chemicals)? Do chemotherapy drugs count as bio toxins? Streptozotocin? Cobra venom factor (cvf)? A good definition here would be helpful.

  2. Jessica McCormick-Ell's Gravatar Jessica McCormick-Ell
    April 19, 2016    

    Additional information on biological toxin inactivation would be very helpful. The majority of this section focuses on toxins that are SA regulated. Many researchers work with diptheria toxin, cholera toxin, etc and resources including methods for the inactivation of these toxins can be difficult to find. This would be very valuable.