Meeting #2

The study’s second public meeting was held on June 20-21, 2016 at the 20 F Street Conference Center in Washington, DC (20 F Street NW, Washington DC 20001).

The final meeting agenda, along with a committee roster and speaker biographies, can be viewed here.

Recordings of the webcast and slide decks are available below:

Welcome to the Meeting and Introductions

Perspectives on Microbial Interactions in Built Environments

Elizabeth Stulberg – National Microbiome Initiative  (slides)

Brent Stephens – Perspectives on Microbial Interactions in Built Environments  (slides)

Q&A Session with Elizabeth Stulberg and Brent Stephens


Public Engagement on the Implications of Built Environment Microbiomes

Rob Dunn – Citizen Science and Public Engagement in the Microbiomes of the Built Environment  (slides)

LeeAnn Kahlor – Risk Communication and Information Seeking  (slides)


Linking Human Occupants and Built Environment Microbiomes

Elizabeth Grice – Skin Microbiome  (slides)

Susan Lynch – The Built Environment and its Relationship with Childhood Allergic Asthma  (slides)

Gary Adamkiewicz – The Residential Microbiome:  Reflections on considerations for low-income households, housing and communities  (slides)

Charles Haas –  QMRA in the Built Environment  (slides)

Donald Milton – Models:  How to think about infections in the air?  (slides)

Joanne Sordillo – Epidemiological Investigations in Understanding Health Impacts of Human-Built Environment Interactions  (slides)

Q&A Session with Panelists


Breakout Discussions:  What do we really need to know about built environment microbiomes in order to move toward application?

Breakout Discussion Conversation

Reporting out from Breakout Groups


Building Systems:  Impacts and Characterization

Andrew Persily – Introduction to Building Systems  (slides)

Dennis Stanke – HVAC Systems  (slides)

Terry Brennan – Good enclosure, bad enclosure and the accidentally invited  (slides)

Jeffrey Siegel – Indoor Surfaces and the Role of Moisture  (slides)

Q&A Session with Panelists