Meeting #3

The study’s third public meeting was held on October 17-18, 2016 at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Beckman Center at the University of California, Irvine.

The final meeting agenda, along with a committee roster and speaker biographies, can be viewed here.

Recordings of the webcast and slide decks are available below:

Welcome to the Meeting and Introductions

How the Built Environment Microbiome Responds to Context and Perturbations

Janet Jansson – Microbial community response to environmental conditions and the “Microbiomes in Transition (MinT)” Initiative (slides)

Sarah Evans – Microbial community dynamics and resilience (slides)

Shelly Miller – The effect of geographic location on the composition and function of indoor microbiomes (slides)

Q&A with Panelists

The Current Toolkit for Studying Microbiome/Built Environment Interfaces

Rob Knight – The Current Toolkit for Studying Microbiome/Built Environment Interfaces

Q&A with Rob Knight

Expanding the Toolkit: Improving Measurement Standards

Scott Jackson – Improving Measurement Standards (slides)

Expanding the Toolkit: Studying Microbial Functions

Jay Lennon – Culture-dependent and -independent methods to study how microbial traits evolve (slides)

Pieter Dorrestein – Mass spectrometry-based visualization of molecules associated with human habits

Q&A with Panelists

Expanding the Toolkit: Modeling the Microbiome

Jennifer Martiny – Predicting how environmental changes may affect microbial communities (slides)

M. Patricia Fabian – Building risk modeling and virus exposure in retrofitted buildings (slides)

Q&A with Panelists

Analyzing What’s Known from Case Examples: Comparing and Contrasting Results

Tiina Reponen – Homes (slides)

Brandon “Bubba” Brooks – Hospitals (slides)

Kasthuri Venkateswaran – International Space Station (slides)

Q&A with Panelists

Recap of Breakout Sessions and End of Day 1

Recap of Breakout Sessions and End of Day 1

Beyond Bacteria: Viral and Fungal Ecology in Indoor Environments

Linsey Marr – Viruses in the Built Environment (slides)

John Taylor – Fungi in the Built Environment (slides)

Q&A with Panelists

Built Environment Interventions and the Microbiome: Impacts and Tradeoffs 

Mark Mendell – Changing indoor environments: What do we know? (slides)

Michael Waring – Biowalls and indoor houseplants: facts and fictions (slides)

Q&A with Panelists

Perspectives from Building Design and Commissioning

Kevin van den Wymelenberg

Robin Guenther (slides)

Q&A with Panelists