Meeting #1

The study’s first public meeting was held on April 11, 2016 at the National Academy of Sciences Building at 2101 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington DC.

The final meeting agenda, speaker/sponsor biographies and committee biographies can be viewed by clicking here.

Recordings of the webcast and slide decks are available below:

Welcome to the Meeting and Committee Introductions

Sponsor Presentations

Paula Olsiewski, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation  (slides)
Laura Kolb, U.S. EPA
Tina Bahadori, U.S. EPA
David Tomko, NASA  (slides)
Lisa Chadwick, NIEHS
Sponsor Q&A Panel

Speaker Presentations

Gary Andersen – What makes the built microbiome unique? (slides)
Jelena Srebric – Ventilation, Occupants, and the Microbiome (slides)
Benjamin Kirkup – Built Environment Microbiome and Health (slides)
Amy Pruden – Understanding Microbiomes in Water (slides)
Speaker Q&A Panel

Public Session General Discussion