June 2017

June 22 & 23 | 2101 Constitution Ave NW | Washington DC 20418

COSA Open Session Agenda

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Presenter Presentation
Pat Roscigno Gulf of Mexico Region: Strategic Science Questions
Jeremy Potter Pacific Region Overview
Cathy Coon Alaska Region Overview
Mary Boatman Offshore Renewable Energy Program
Jeff Reidnauer Marine Minerals Program
Jill Lewandowski Office of Environmental Programs
Doug Jones Evaluating Potential Mudslide Impacts to Historic Shipwrecks
Mark Jensen Socioeconomic Impacts of OCS Infrastructure: Shifts in Recreational Behaviors
Chris Campbell Monitoring of the Cross Island Subsistence Whale Hunt for Effects from Liberty Final Development and Production Plan
Keely Hite Vulnerability of Communities in Close Proximity to OCS Programs Support Infrastructure and Activity
Amy Stillings Understanding Potential Economic Impacts to Commercial Fishing from Offshore Wind Energy Development
Jake Levenson Developing a Roadmap to Maximize Natural Capital and Maintain Natural Infrastructure in Energy and Mineral Planning
Mike Rasser Baseline Ecological Study of Wind Turbines at Block Island Wind Farm
Jennifer Draher Sea Surface and Bottom Layer Hydrodynamic Modelling and Particle Tracking in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bight
Greg Sanders A Marine Biogeographic Assessment of the California Current Ecosystem
Heather Crowley Environmental Resource Areas: Using Habitat-Based Density Models and Tagging Data for Analysis of Biological Resources
Erica Saaterman Generation of Synthetic Audiograms by Applying Finite Element Modeling to Computerized Tomography (CT) Scans for Baleen Whales, Belugas, and Pinnipeds
Donna Schroeder Pacific Seabird Monitoring Program
Deena Hansen Fish, Fisheries, and Sand Features in the New York Bight
Jessica Mallindine Fine-Scale Dive Profiles and Activity Patterns of Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico
Doug Piatkowski Sediment Evolution Following Beach Fill Construction: A Literature Review and Technical Workshop