June 2018

June 2018 COSA Meeting

June 28 & 29 | 2101 Constitution Ave. NW | Washington DC, 20418

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Webcast Recordings – Day 1

Presenter(s) Presentation
Hajo Eicken Opening Remarks and Introductions
Rodney Cluck, William Shedd Exploring the Relationship Between the PICOC Approach (and SDP profiles), Strategic Framework, and White Paper
Rodney Cluck Presentation of OREP Profiles
Mary Boatman Introduction to Office of Renewable Energy Program Science Strategy
Desray Reeb Atlantic Marine Assessment Program for Protected Species III
David Bigger Integrated Analysis of Marine Wildlife At-Sea Survey and Tracking Data to Inform Planning for Energy Development on the OCS
Jeremy Potter Introdcution to Pacific Science Strategy
David Pereksta Offshore Acoustic Bat Study Along Western U.S. Continental and Hawaii Island Coastlines
Susan Zaleski Understanding Biological Connectivity Among Offshore Structures and Natural Reefs
Craig Johnson PICOC Model Purpose and Application + Discussion

Webcast Recordings – Day 2

Presenter(s) Presentation
Hajo Eicken Opening Remarks and Introductions
Jill Lewandowski Introduction to Headquarters Science Strategy
Timothy White Automated Detection and Classification of Wildlife Targets in Digital Aerial Imagery
Jacob Levenson Demonstration Project, Integrating DNA Profiles, Genomics and Photo-Identification Data in Long Term Monitoring of Long Lived Marine Megafauna
Pasquale Roscigno Introduction to Gulf of Mexico Region Profiles
Cholena Ren Preliminary Study GOMR Coastal Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Program
Sindey Chaky Strategically Focused Support for Oil and Gas Activities in the Gulf of Mexico OCS Regions
Catherine Coon Introduction to Alaska Science Strategy
Heather Crowley Arctic Cod Winter Spawning Survey
Warren Horowitz Landfast Ice in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas
Jeffrey Reidenaurer Intro Marine Minerals Science Strategy
Michael Orbach Holistic  Look at the Studies Development Plan