Mesoscale Chemistry

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Advances in theoretical, computational, synthetic, and analytical techniques have supported the extension of research into the study and development of mesoscale structures and processes. Studies conducted at this size range, from 10nm to 10µm, have identified interesting ensemble effects that present both opportunities for developing new functionality of materials and understanding of biological systems and interfacial systems as well as challenges for analysis and description. This 1.5-day symposium focused on the research on chemical phenomena at the mesoscale, and participants were invited to actively participate in discussions responding to panels of speakers to identify opportunities and challenges in chemical and chemical engineering research at the mesoscale.

As a result of this workshop, a summary of the talks and the discussion has been published. Questions considered during the workshop included:

  • What is the current state of the art of research at the mesoscale in chemistry and chemical engineering?
  • What is the particular value to chemists and chemical engineers of studying and exploiting individual and collective behaviors at this scale?
  • What opportunities and challenges exist for research in this area?

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