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Undergraduate Chemistry Education

Undergraduate Chemistry Education

Agenda | Workshop Report | Organizer Biographies | Speaker Biographies Undergraduate Chemistry Education is the summary of a workshop convened in May 2013 by the Chemical Science Roundtable of the National Research Council to explore the current state of undergraduate chemistry education. Research and innovation in undergraduate chemistry education has been done for many years, […]

Chemistry in Primetime and Online: Co...

Chemistry in Primetime and Online: Communicating Chemistry in Informal Environments

Agenda | Workshop Report | Organizer Biographies | Speaker Biographies In May 2010, the National Academies’ Chemical Sciences Roundtable held a workshop to examine how the public obtains scientific information informally and to discuss methods that chemists can use to improve and expand efforts to reach a general, nontechnical audience. Workshop participants included chemical practitioners […]

Strengthening High School Chemistry E...

Strengthening High School Chemistry Education through Teacher Outreach Programs

Agenda | Workshop Report | Organizer Biographies | Speaker Biographies A strong chemical workforce in the United States will be essential to the ability to address many issues of societal concern in the future, including demand for renewable energy, more advanced materials, and more sophisticated pharmaceuticals. High school chemistry teachers have a critical role to […]

Exploring Opportunities in Green Chem...

Exploring Opportunities in Green Chemistry and Engineering Education

Workshop Report | Speaker Biographies In this workshop, widespread implementation of green chemistry into undergraduate and graduate education was explored. This workshop focused on the integration of green chemistry and engineering into the established and developing chemistry and chemical engineering curricula. Leading educators and industry managers showcased exemplary programs and provided a forum for discussion […]

Graduate Education in the Chemical Sc...

Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences: Issues for the 21st Century

Agenda | Workshop Report | Speaker Biographies Graduate education in the chemical sciences was identified by the CSR as an area of broad interest to the chemical sciences community, which has expressed concern about how it should respond to evolving expectations for universities, both in education and research, and to changing patterns in professional employment […]



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