Past Workshops


2019 Closing the Loop on the Plastics Dilemma

2018 Astrochemistry: Discoveries to Inform the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Communities

2018 Data Science: Opportunities to Transform Chemical Sciences & Engineering

2017 ChemRxiv: Publishing in the Age of Preprint Servers

2017 The Chemistry of Microbiomes: A Four Seminar Series

2014 Chemistry and Engineering of Shale Gas and Tight Oil Resource Development

2014 Mesoscale Chemistry

2013 Technological Challenges in Antibiotic Discovery and Development

2013 Undergraduate Chemistry Education

2012 Opportunities and Obstacles in Large-Scale Biomass Utilization: The Role of the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Communities

2011 The Role of Chemical Sciences in Finding Alternatives to Critical Resources

2010 Challenges in Characterizing Small Particles

2010 Chemistry in Primetime and Online: Communicating Chemistry in Informal Environments

2008 Strengthening High School Chemistry Education through Teacher Outreach Programs

2007 Bioinspired Chemistry for Energy

2005 Exploring Opportunities in Green Chemistry and Engineering Education

2004 Preparing Chemists and Chemical Engineers for a Globally Oriented Workforce

2004 Water and Sustainable Development: Opportunities for the Chemical Sciences

2003 Reducing the Time from Basic Research to Innovation in the Chemical Sciences

2003 Minorities in the Chemical Workforce: Diversity Models that Work

2001 Carbon Management: Implications for R&D in the Chemical Sciences and Technology

2000 Women in the Chemical Workforce

1999 Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences: Issues for the 21st Century

1999 Research Teams and Partnerships: Trends in the Chemical Sciences

1998 Impact of Advances in Computing and Communications Technologies on Chemical Science and Technology

1997 Assessing the Value of Research in the Chemical Sciences