Over the course of the next six months, the Science Breakthroughs 2030 study will explore novel scientific approaches suggested by members of the scientific community, with special attention to those ideas empowered by insights and tools from disciplines of science and engineering not typically associated with food and agriculture. Based on community input, the study committee will ultimately produce a report describing ambitious and achievable scientific pathways to addressing major problems and creating new opportunities for the food and agriculture system.

View Archive of Ideabuzz Submissions Here

Share your ideas on our “Idea-Buzz” challenge website—a discussion platform where you will be asked to post your perspectives and ideas for innovative scientific approaches and research concepts. The platform is simple to use and allows contributors to see and comment on all ideas contributed. Readers also can vote for the ideas they like. Everyone who contributes an idea will be acknowledged in the final study report.

IN ADDITION, the study is seeking 2-4 page “white papers” describing a research idea in greater detail.  The white papers will serve as the foundation of an agenda for a future Town Hall this summer.  White papers can be submitted through the Idea-Buzz platform, where others can view and comment on them.

Instructions for IdeaBuzz

Tell us your idea for innovative research that could elevate the science of food and agriculture. In describing your idea, please comment on how the science and engineering approach you describe might:

  1. Address a major challenge in food and agriculture
  2. Create a novel opportunity for advances in food and agricultural science
  3. Help overcome a technological barrier
  4. Fill a fundamental knowledge gap that currently holds back progress in the fields of food and agriculture