Past Events

Virtual Meeting | March 23, 2018


Workshop | November 8-9, 2017 | New Bedford, MA


Introduction to Fisheries Impacts and Research Needs

Grover Fugate, Rhode Island CRMC | Slides

Anna Malek Mercer, CFRF | Slides

A Data-Based Characterization of Wind Energy Ares in Southern New England

Vincent Guida, NOAA | Slides

Dave Monti, Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association | Slides

Kevin Stokesbury, UMASSD |Slides

Effective Engagement of the Fishing Industry in Research and Monitoring

Mike Cohen, Holderness Fishing Industry Group |Slides

Andrew Lipsky, NOAA | Slides

Construction and Design Considerations

Marcus Cross, DONG Energy |Slides

Malcolm Spaulding, URI | Slides

Priorities and Challenges of Monitoring Design – Ecological Impacts

Michelle Bachman, New England Fishery Management Council | Slides

Steven Degraer, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences | Slides

Andrew Gill, Cape Eleuthera Institute | Slides

Gopu Potty, URI | Slides

Dave Secor, UMCES | Slides

Priorities and Challenges of Monitoring Design – Modeling

Sarah Gaiches, NOAA | Slides

Eileen Hofmann, ODU | Slides

Meeting 1 | July 10, 2017 | Washington, DC