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Details for registration and agendas will be posted soon. Options for participating remotely will be available.

  • Workshop on Blue Carbon
    July 26, 2017
    Woods Hole, MA
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  • Workshop on Terrestrial Biosphere Sequestration
    September 19, 2017
    Fort Collins, CO

  • Workshop on Direct Air Capture/Biomass Electricity
    October 23, 2017
    Palo Alto, CA

  • Workshop on Geological sequestration
    October 24, 2017
    Palo Alto, CA

Past Events

Meeting 1: Developing a Research Agenda for Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration — May 24, 2017

Keck Center
500 Fifth St. NW, Washington, DC
Room 208

8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET



  • Clearly understand the needs, perspectives, and expectations of the study sponsors
  • Explore the committee’s task with other stakeholders

1:00 P.M.: Introductions (Committee and guests) — Steve Pacala, Committee Chair

1:15 P.M.: Briefing of 2015 National Academies Report Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration — Waleed Abdalati, University of Colorado, Boulder | Slides | Video

1:45 P.M.: Study Sponsors’ Perspectives on the Committee’s Task

  • More clearly understand perspectives of report sponsors – what are the most important issues to be covered in the report?
  • Explore nuances of committee’s task – what should be included in report?
  • What is hoped for out of study – both as a direct deliverable and what would “success” look like?

John Litynski, DOE | Slides | Video
Meredith Muth and Ariana Sutton-Grier, NOAA | Slides | Video
Dolores Wesson, EPA | Slides | Video
Peter Warwick, USGS | Slides | Video

2:45 P.M.: Break

3:15 P.M.: Continue discussing study sponsor perspectives on the task

4:15 P.M.: Current state of carbon removal field — Jason Funk, The Center for Carbon Removal | Slides | Video

4:45 P.M.: Public comment session to allow all meeting participants to offer additional contributions to the discussion — Steve Pacala | Video

  • What issues are important to other communities?
  • How might this study be the most useful to the broader community?
  • What are the most urgent unanswered scientific and technical questions?


5:30 P.M.: Adjourn Open Session

Webinar: Introduction to Blue Carbon and Coastal Wetland Restoration—July 19, 2017, 1-2:30pm ET

Webinar objective: to provide an introduction to blue carbon and explore the costs, challenges, and benefits of restoring coastal wetlands, and how blue carbon benefits may motivate restoration.

1:00 PM: Welcome — Tiffany Troxler, Florida International University, Committee Member | Slides | Video |

1:05 PM: Jennifer Howard, Conservation International | Slides | Video |

1:20 PM: Nick Wildman, Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration | Slides | Video |

1:35 PM: Fred Sklar, South Florida Water Management District | Slides | Video |

1:50 PM: Walter Meyer, Local Office Landscape Architecture | Slides | Video |

2:05 PM: Discussion and questions from study committee

2:30 PM: Adjourn