Thure E. Cerling, Chair
Distinguished Professor
University of Utah
Raja V. Ramani
Emeritus Professor
The Pennsylvania State University

Dirk Dahmann

Technical Director
Institut fur Gefahrstoff-Forschung

Cecile S. Rose

Director of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic
National Jewish Health

R. Larry Grayson

The Pennsylvania State University

Emily Sarver

Assistant Professor
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Braden Lusk

Chair of the Mining and Nuclear Engineering Deparment
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Joseph Sbaffoni

Mining Industry Consultant
JAS Consulting

Michael McCawley

Interim Chair in the Department of Occupational
and Environmental Health Sciences
West Virginia University

Michael J. Wright

Director of Health, Safety, and Environment
United Steelworkers of America