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Webinar: Industry stakeholder perspectives on methane emissions, measurement methodologies, and user needs

April 27, 2017, 1-3pm ET

Webinar objective: To learn about industry perspectives and activities focused on measuring methane emissions and improving measurement methodologies

1:00 PM: Welcome — Jim White (Moderator and Committee Chair), University of Colorado Boulder | slides | video |

1:10 PM: Gaps in knowledge for quantifying methane emissions in the natural gas sector
and overall industry perspectives of methane activities
— Matthew Harrison, AECOM | slides | video |

1:25 PM: Overview of GTI methane projects and use of new technologies to measure emissions
Chris Moore, Gas Technology Institute | slides | video |

1:40 PM: Landfill methane estimates for the U.S. GHG Inventory and GHG Reporting Program — Kerry Kelly, WM Waste Management | slides | video

1:55 PM: Measurement of landfill methane emissions — Roger Green, WM Waste Management | slides | video

2:10 PM: Measurement approaches for methane emissions from coal mines — Özgen Karacan, Petroleum Engineer, U.S. Geological Survey | slides | video

2:25 PM: Cow of the Future® and methane emissions reductions activities within the dairy industry — Juan Tricarico, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy | slides | video

2:40 PM: Discussion and questions from study committee

3:00 PM: Adjourn