Data Integration Presentations

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Opening Remarks, Kim Boekelheide

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Session 1: Promise, Perils and Foundations for Data Integration


New Data and New Tools for Answering Environmental Health Questions, Lance Waller

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It’s Not all Roses: When Data Integration Can Be Misleading and Criteria for When Should it be Pursued, Chris Gennings

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Where Data Integration in the Environmental Health Field has been and Where do we Want to Go?, Linda Birnbaum

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Foundations for Integration:

Deborah McGuinness, [View Slides] [Watch Video]

Lucila Ohno-Machado, [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Session 1 Panel Discussion [Watch Video]


Session 2: Emerging Approaches for Environmental Health Data Integration


Integration of Data on Clinical Outcomes:


Atule Butte, [View Slides] [Watch Video]

Marylyn Ritchie, [View Slides] [Watch Video]

Sandy Eckel, [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Integrations of Data for Risk Assessment:


Kris Thayer, [View Slides] [Watch Video]

Tim Pastoor, [View Slides] [Watch Video]

Barry Hardy, [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Session 2 Panel Discussion: [Watch Video]


Data Visualization Literacy Mini Course

Katy Börner, [Watch Video]

Miriah Meyer [Watch Video]




Opening Remarks, Margaret Karagas

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Science, Open Collaboration, and New Methods, John Wilbanks

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Session 3: Data Integration to Drive Decision Making 


Improved Geospatial Resolution with Google Street View Cars, Melissa Lunden

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Ensemble Models for Predicting Lead Contamination Sites in Flint, Michigan, Jacob Abernethy

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Decision Directed Comparative Life Cycle Assessment, Tom Seager

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Session 3 Panel Discussion

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Open Discussion

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Closing Remarks, Kim Boekelheide

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