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This workshop brought together together environmental health researchers, climate change modelers, and public health experts and practitioners to explore new approaches to modeling the human health risks of future climate change. Speakers from a number of fields participated in discussions and presentations over the course of our two-day workshop which highlighted research gaps, lessons learned, research needs, and potential next steps to improve health risks models of climate change.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

John Balbus and Helmut Zarbl Welcome and Opening Remarks

Session 1 Human Health Risks of Climate Change: State of Knowledge

Jan Semenza Where We Are: Hurdles and Opportunities

Ben Zaitchik Emerging Models, Datasets, and Applications

George Luber Using Health Risk Models to Improve Community Preparedness

Session 2 Health Risk Models of Climate Change: State of Development [Linda Wennerberg]

Sari Kovats Quantitative Risk Assessment Approach to Modeling the Health Impacts of Climate Change

Michelle Bell Climate and Health Effects of Heat Stress and Air Pollution

Juli Trtanj Climate and Water-Borne Infections Diseases

Nick Ogden Climate and Vector-Borne Diseases

Panel Discussion: Health Risk Models Limitations and Opportunities

Charles Benjamin Beard

Mary Hayden

Erin Lipp

Sari Kovats

Michelle Bell 

Juli Trtanj

Nick Ogden

Session 3 Human Systems Approach to Understanding Future Vulnerabilities [Gary Geernaert]

Georges Benjamin Systems Thinking in Health: A Population-based Approach to Climate Change Impact

Joshua Elliott Systems Approach to Climate Change, Agriculture, and Human Health

Richard Jackson Urbanization, Climate Change, and Human Health

Panel Discussion: Systems Thinking and Modeling the Health Impacts of Climate Change

Molly Brown

Gregory Glass

Georges Benjamin

Joshua Elliott

Richard Jackson

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Session 4 Incorporating Health Risks Into The Aggregated Impact of Climate Change [Kristie Ebi]

Kristie Ebi Welcome and Opening Remarks

Anthony Janetos Integrating Climate Change Impact Models” Where We Are and Where We Need to Go

Panel Discussion: Conceptual Directions for Research on Integrating Climate Change Impact Models

Stéphane Hallegatte

Anthony Janetos

Sari Kovats

Panel Discussion: Practical Next Steps to Climate Change Impact Models

John Balbus

Anne Grambsch

Juli Trtanj

Jan Semenza

Robert Vallario

Peter Berry

John Balbus Closing Comments