Meeting Presentations: Computational Toxicology

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Speakers from a number of fields participated in discussions and presentations over the course of September’s two-day event on the use of computational toxicology in environmental health decisions. Here you can find recordings of some of the highlights from the meeting, along with the questions and conversations that followed.

Speaker Presentations:
Ivan Rusyn:
Introduction and Overview

Chris Austin:
Generating Molecular and Cellular Scale Data for Computational Toxicology

Linda Griffith:
Capturing Complex Tissue Physiology In Vitro for Computational Toxicology

Robert Tanguay:
High Content In Vivo Data: Making Sense of Whole Animal Responses

Richard Judson:
Digitalized Chemical Toxicity Data to Support Computational Toxicology: Database Efforts at EPA and Beyond

Carolyn J. Mattingly:
The Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD)

Alex Tropsha:
Combining High Throughput Screening Data and QSAR to Improve Hazard Predictions

Russell Wolfinger:
Predictive Model Screening and Learning Curves in Computational Toxicology

Richard Superfine:
The Virtual Lung Project. Models: In Silico, Engineered, Tissue Cultures
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Panel Discussions:

Discussion I: Existing Digitalized Data to Generate New Insights with New Analysis or to Phenotypically Anchor New Data
Invited Panelists: Linda Giffith, Richard Judson, Carolyn Mattingly, Ivan Rusyn, Robert Tanguay

Discussion II: Emerging Data Analysis and Modeling Tools and their “Real World” Application to Decision-Making
Invited Panelists: Richard Superfine, Alex Tropsha, Russell Wolfinger, Lauren Zeise

Discussion III: Scientific Questions About Computational Toxicology Applications
Invited panelists: Deborah Cory-Slechta, George Daston, Abigail Li, Bennett van Houten

Discussion IV: Decision-Maker Discussion of Potential Applications
Invited panelists: Daniel Axelrad, D. Gayle DeBord, William Farland, Tina Levine, Terey A Thomas, Robert Kavlock, Bruce A Fowler, Chris Portier, Lauren Zeise