Meeting Presentations: Integrating Data

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Speakers from a number of fields participated in discussions and presentations over the course of January’s two-day event on “Integrating Environmental Health Data to Advance Discovery” in environmental health decisions.

Archived Webcast

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Carolyn Mattingly: Welcome [PDF]

Allen Dearry: Opening Remarks [PDF]


Session 1: Using Heterogeneous Data to Advance Discovery

Stephen Friend: Scientific Opportunities from Heterogeneous Biological Data Analysis: Overcoming Complexity  [PDF]

Brian Schwartz: Doing Environmental Epidemiologic Research with Electronic Health Records [PDF]


Session 2: Data Integration–Strategies and Lessons Learned

C. Titus Brown: Building Platforms for Data Integration: Diverse Perspectives [PDF]

Matthew Martin: Web-based Data Integration: Chemical Safety for Sustainability Dashboard [PDF]

Barbara Wold: Cancer Genomics Big Data: From the Cancer Genome Atlas to the Cancer Information Donor and Cancer Commons

Gregory K. Farber: Data Interconnectivity and Federation: National Database of Autism Research [PDF]

Ewan Birney: The Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE): An Experience of Data Integration from Genomics [PDF]


Session 3: Environmental Health Science Data Streams

George Daston (Moderator): Brief Overview of Environmental Health Science Data Streams [PDF]

Key Environmental Health Science Data Streams: Challenges and Opportunities

Francesca Dominici: Air Pollution Data [PDF]

Brian Schwartz: Health Data [PDF]

Carolyn Mattingly: Genomics Data and Pathway Data [PDF]

Elaine Cohen Hubal: Exposure Data [PDF]

Ann Richard: Cheminformatics for Toxicology [PDF]

Session 3 panel discussions are available via archived webcast

Moderator: George Daston

Panelists: Francesca Dominici, Brian Schwartz, Carolyn Mattingly, Elaine Cohen Hubal, and Ann Richard


Session 4: Defining A Role for the Federal Government

Ivan Rusyn (Moderator)

Kevin T. Gallagher: Community of Science: Strategies for Coordinating Integration of Big and Heterogeneous Data [PDF]

Suzanne Iacono: Federally Supported Data Integration Efforts: National Science Foundation and Cross-Agency Initiatives [PDF]


Session 4 panel discussion is available via archived webcast

Moderator: Ivan Rusyn

Panelists: C. Titus Brown, Stephen Friend, Suzanne Iacono, Carolyn Mattingly, Kevin T. Gallagher, and Rick Woychik


Closing Comments: Stan Ahalt  [PDF]