Meeting Presentations: Early Indicators

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Speakers from a variety of scientific and regulatory fields participated in presentations and panel discussions over the course of this two-day meeting. Here you can download the meeting presentations. Here you can download the synchronized audio-PowerPoint recordings of meeting presentations and conversations.

Speaker Presentations:

Kim Boekelheide:
Objectives of the Meeting [PDF]

Robert Lane:
Strategies for Detecting Later Life Effects Following Early Life Stressors in Humans [PDF]

John Rogers :
Traditional Testing Strategies for Detecting Later Life Effects Following Early Life Stressors: Animal Models [PDF]

Steven Bradbury:
Novel Effects: From Research to Methods Development and Regulatory Acceptance [PDF]

Leslie Myatt:
The Placenta: Influence on Fetal Programming and Useful After Birth? [PDF]

Bruce Blumberg:
Obesogens, Stem Cells, and the Maternal Programming of Obesity [PDF]

Karen Lillycrop:
The Role of Epigenetics in the Developmental Origins of Human Metabolic Disease [PDF]

Michael Waalkes:
Fetal Arsenic Exposure and Adulthood Cancer in Mice [PDF]

J. Christopher States:
Hepatic Gene Expression Changes Associated with In Utero Arsenic Exposure: Accelerated Atherosclerosis in the ApoE-Knockout Mouse [PDF]

Joseph Graziano:
Consequences of Pre- and Post-natal Arsenic Exposure in Bangladesh [PDF]

Kristina Thayer:
National Toxicology Program Workshop: Role of Environmental Chemicals in the Development of Diabetes and Obesity [PDF]

Robert Chapin:
When and In What Areas is the Emerging Science Ready for Use in Risk Assessment? [PDF]

Ila Cote:
What Difficulties Do We Face in Using This New Science for Risk Assessment Purposes? [PDF]


Panel Discussions:

Session I
Panelists: William Farland, Jerry Heindel, Theodore Slotkin
Moderator: Helmut Zarbl

Session II
Panelists: Kristina Thayer, Leslie Myatt, Bruce Blumberg, Karen Lillycrop, Michael Waalkes, J. Christopher States, Joseph Graziano
Moderator: Kim Boekelheide

Session III
Panelists: Stan Barone, Robert (Bob) Benson, Deborah Hansen, Sarah Janssen, Reza Rasoulpour
Moderator: Lauren Zeise