Meeting Presentations: Epigenetics

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Speakers from a number of fields participated in discussions and presentations over the course of July’s two-day event on the use of emerging science and technologies to explore epigenetic mechanisms underlying the developmental basis for disease. Here you can find recordings of some of the highlights from the meeting, along with the questions and conversations that followed.
Speaker Presentations:

Linda S. Birnbaum:
Opening Remarks [PDF]

William Farland:
Introduction to the Standing Committees [PDF]

Richard Meehan:
Epigenetics Overview [PDF]

Karl Kelsey:
Epigenetics in Cancer [PDF]

Wan-Yee Tang:
Epigenetic Markers for Transpacental Exposure to Airborne PAHs and Childhood Asthma [PDF] (not available)

Moshe Szyf:
The Early Life Environment and the Epigenome
(not available)

Max Costa:
Nickel Carcinogenesis and Cell Culture Models as Proof of Concept [PDF]

John Greally:
Overview of Current Tools and Approaches Used to Demonstrate Epigenetic Effects [PDF]

‘Speaker Identification of Additional Tools and Approaches’

Discussion I: Development of Screening Tools
Invited Panelists: William Farland, Trevor Archer, Kim Boekelheide, Michele Cleary, David Dix
Trevor Archer [PDF]
Kim Boekelheide

Michele Cleary [PDF]
David Dix

General Discussion

Discussion II: Knowledge Gaps and How to Address Them

Invited Panelists: Thomas Gasiewicz, L. Earl Gray, Igor Pogribny
L. Earl Gray, Jr. [PDF] Igor Pogribny [PDF]

General Discussion

Discussion III: Regulatory and Communication Implications
Invited panelists: Christopher Portier, Steven Bradbury, George Daston, Lynn Goldman, Rebecca Renner, William Slikker, L. Earl Gray
Christopher Portier [PDF]
Steven Bradbury

George Daston

Lynn Goldman [PDF]
Rebecca Renner

William Slikker

L. Earl Gray

General Discussion