Meeting Presentations: The Exposome

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Speakers from a variety of scientific and regulatory fields participated in presentations and panel discussions over the course of this two-day meeting. Here you can watch the synchronized audio-PowerPoint recordings of meeting presentations and conversations.

Speaker Presentations:

David Balshaw: Welcome [PDF]

William Farland: Introduction to the Standing Committee
[MP3 audio file] – PowerPoint was not used during this presentation

Stephen Rappaport: Frontiers in Exposure Science [Rappaport 1 exposome]

Christopher P. Wild: Complementing the Genome with its Exposome [PDF]

Paolo Vineis: Environmental Exposures and the Etiology of Cancer [PDF]

Elissa Epel: Exposures from the Social Environment and the Biology of Aging [PDF]

Tyler C. Smith: DoD Millenium Cohort Study [PDF]

Patricia Hartge: NCI Cohort and Consortial Studies [PDF]

Martyn Smith: Use of ‘Omics to Characterize Human Exposure
[MP3 audio file] – At the speakers’ request PowerPoint is not available for this presentation

Dean Jones: Exposome and Metabolomics: Promises and Pitfalls [PDF]

Stephen Rappaport: Exposome and Adductomics: Promises and Pitfalls [PDF]

Tina Bahadori: Welcome and Introduction Day 2
[MP3 audio file]- PowerPoint was not used during this presentation

John Groopman: Scientific Challenges to the Exposome Approach [PDF]

Christopher Austin: Lessons from the Human Genome Project that may be Applicable to the Exposome Endeavor [PDF]

Stephen Rappaport: Closing Remarks [PDF]

Panel Discussions:

Session II: The Role of the Environment in Population Health Burden: The Case for Improved Biomarkers of Environmental Exposures
Panelists: Paolo Vineis, Elissa Epel, Enrique Schisterman, Nathaniel Rothman, Christopher P. Wild
Moderator: Stephen Rappaport

Session III: Studies, Repositories, and More: Leveraging Available Resources
Panelists: Tyler C. Smith, Patricia Hartge, Craig Postlewaite, Enrique Schisterman
Moderator: Susan Fisher

Session IV: Current and Future Technology
Panelists: Martyn Smith, Dean Jones, Stephen Rappaport, Susan Fisher
Moderator: Craig Postlewaite

Session V: Building Capacity: Public Health Value and Scientific Challenges
Panelists: John Groopman, Elaine Cohen Hubal, Howard Frumkin, Christopher P. Wild
Moderator: Tina Bahadori

Session VI: Moving the Exposome Forward : Next Steps
Panelists: Christopher Austin, John Howard, John Groopman, Martyn Smith
Moderator: Linda Wennerberg