Meeting Presentations: Genomic Plasticity

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Speakers from a number of fields participated in discussions and presentations over the course of October’s two-day event on “Exploring Human Genomic Plasticity and Environmental Stressors: Emerging Evidence on Telomeres, Copy Number Variation, and Transposons” in environmental health decisions.

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Session 1: Workshop Introduction

John Balbus: Opening Remarks (please access archived webcast)

Cheryl Lyn Walker: Introduction to the Standing Committee and Objectives of Today’s Meeting [PDF]

Thea Tlsty: Introduction to Genomic Plasticity [PDF] to be posted soon


Session 2: Telomeres/Telomerase

Maria A. Blasco*: Telomeres as Key Modulators of Aging and Longetivity [PDF]

*DISCLOSURE: Dr. Blasco discussed the company Life Length in her presentation.
Life Length is a company founded in September 2010 by Dr. Blasco, Matlin
Associates and the Botín Foundation with the objective of commercializing the
Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT) developed by Dr. Blasco.

Elissa Epel: Lifespan and Psychosocial Factors Associated with Telomere Length [PDF]


Environmental Linkages with Telomeres/Telomerase

David P. Gilley: Telomere Disfunction in Breast Differentiation, Aging, and Cancer [PDF]

Dale P. Sandler: Lifestyle and Environmental Factors Associated with Telomere Length [PDF]


 Session 1 & 2 panel discussions are available via archived webcast 

Moderator: Shuk-mei Ho

Panelists: Thea Tlsty, Elissa Epel, David P. Gilley, Dale P. Sandler


Session 3: Copy Number Variation and Chromothripsis

James R. Lupski: Genomic Disorders, Mechanisms for Copy Number Variation, and CNV in Evolution [PDF]


Environmental Linkages with Copy Number Variation

Thomas W. Glover: Experimental Insights into Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors for CNV Formation [PDF]

Joseph R. Shaw: Discovering the Role of Copy Number Variation in Populations [PDF]

Jennifer L. Freeman: Role of Chemical Exposure in Generating  Spontaneous CNVs [PDF]

Randal Johnston: Origins and Consequence of Copy Number Variation in Cancer [PDF]


Session 3 panel discussion is available via archived webcast 

Moderator: Helmut Zarbl

Panelists: James R. Lupski, Thomas W. Glover, Joseph R. Shaw, Jennifer L. Freeman, Randal Johnston


Session 4: Jumping Genes and Mobile Elements

John V. Moran: Studies of a Human Retrotransposon [PDF]


Environmental Linkages with Jumping Genes

Kenneth Ramos: A Story of LINES and the Intersection of Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms in Reprogramming the Mammalian Genome by Environmental Injury [PDF]

Session 4 panel discussion is available via archived webcast 

Moderator: Cheryl Lyn Walker

Panelists: John V. Moran, Kenneth Ramos


Session 5 panel discussion of Implications and Research Needs is available via Archived Webcast

Moderator: Daniel Shaughnessy

Panelists: Helmut Zarbl, Thomas W. Glover [PDF], George Daston, Thea Tlsty, Laurence H. Baker


Closing Comments: Kenneth Ramos Archived Webcast