Meeting Presentations: Green Chemistry

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Speakers from a number of fields participated in discussions and presentations over the course of September’s two-day event on “Applying 21st Century Toxicology to Green Chemical and Material Design” in environmental health decisions. Here you can find the PowerPoint presentations from each talk.

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Session 1: Vision and Perspectives

Session Chair: Richard Denison

Richard Denison: Meeting Objectives [PDF]

Paul Anastas: Vision for a Green Chemical Future [PDF]

Mark Thompson: Incorporating Green Chemistry Concepts into New Product R&D [PDF]

Helen Holder: The Search for Green Materials for Electronics [PDF]

Session 2: Rapid Hazard Assessment Testing Approaches

Session Chair: Ivan Rusyn

Robert Tanguay: Application of Rapid In Vivo Approaches to Green Chemistry [PDF]

David Dix: Application of ToxCast High Throughput Screening to Green Chemical Design [PDF]

Russell Naven: The Role of Holistic Assay Platforms and Computational Methods to Prioritize Pharmaceutical Candidates [PDF]

Adelina Voutchkova: Development of Molecular Design Guidelines for Reduced Toxicity [PDF]

Alex Tropsha: Cheminformatics and High-throughput Screening to Improve Toxicity Prediction [PDF]

Edward Carney: Level of Confidence for Current and Future Uses of Rapid Toxicity Testing Approaches [PDF]

Session 2 Panel Discussion

  • Testing Considerations in the Development of Green Nanomaterials
  • Broad Discussion of Testing Approaches for Green Chemicals and Materials

Moderator: William Farland

Panelists: Richard Denison, Jim Hutchison [PDF], Mark Thompson, Harold (Hal) Zenick; Session 2 speakers



Session 3: Practical Approaches, Balancing Considerations, and Next Steps

Session Chair: Lauren Zeise

Cal Baier-Andersion: Defining Safer Chemicals: Implications of New Test Methods for Current Frameworks [PDF]

Sharon Munn: The Use of New Toxicological Tools within a Chemical Risk Assessment Frameworkd: A European Perspective [PDF]

Tom Osimitz: Bridging Considerations [PDF]

Session 3 Panel Discussion

Moderator: Lauren Zeise

Panelists: Kathryn Guyton, Helen Holder, Mark Johnson [PDF], Jennifer Sass, Thaddeus Schug; Session 3 speakers