Meeting Presentations: Individual Exposomes

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Speakers from a number of fields participated in discussions and presentations over the course of a two-day event (September 8-9, 2011) on “Emerging Technologies for Measuring Individual Exposomes” in environmental health decisions. Here you can find the PowerPoint presentations from each talk.

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Opening Remarks: Stephen Rappaport [PDF]

Session 1: Background and Context

Paul Elliott: Why We Need to Measure Individual Exposomes [PDF]

Stephen Rappaport: Using-Omics Methods to Characterize Individual Exposomes [PDF]

Michael Jerrett: Using Personal Monitors and Sensors to Characterize Individual Exposomes [PDF]


Session 2: Building the Individual Exposome

Elaine Holmes: Metabolomics Integrated Epidemiology [PDF coming soon]

Avrum (Avi) Spira: Gene-expression Profiles as Signatures of Environmental Exposures [PDF]

N. Leigh Anderson: Plasma Proteomics: Lessons from Breast Cancer Research [PDF]

Nongjian Tao: Sensors to Monitor Individual Exposures to Multiple Air Pollutants [PDF]

Stephen Intille: Personal Measurements of Physical Activity [PDF]

Rajeshwari Sundaram: Monitoring Personal Hormonal Responses to Environmental Exposures [PDF]

Session 2 Panel Discussion 

Recording of the panel discussion is available on the Archived webcast

Moderators: David Balshaw and Susan Fisher

Panelists: Gayle DeBord, Michael Jerrett, Patricia Mabry, Christopher J. Portier, Craig Postlewaite; Session 2 speakers


Session 3: The Individual Exposome: Proof of Concept Studies

Session Chair: Tina Bahadori

Chirag Patel: Proof of Concept of EWAS [PDF]

Stanley L. Hazen: Integrating Metabolomics and Animal Model Studies Identifies Gut Flora as a Participant in Cardiovascular Disease (presentation available via Archived webcast)

Session 3 Panel Discussion

Recording of the panel discussion is available on the Archived webcast

Moderator: Tina Bahadori

Panelists: Stephen Edwards, Nathaniel Rothman, Hunter Young; Session 3 speakers

Session 4: Transformative Research and Environmental Health Decisions

Session 4 Panel Discussion

Recording of the panel discussion is available on the Archived webcast

Session Chair: Germaine Buck Louis

Panelists: Linda Birnbaum, Paul Elliott, Suzanne Fitzpatrick