Meeting Presentations: Individual Variability

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Speakers from a number of fields participated in discussions and presentations over the course of a two-day (April 18-19, 2012) event on “Biological Factors that Underlie Individual Susceptibility to Environmental Stressors and Their Implications for Decision-Making” in environmental health decisions. Here you can find the PowerPoint presentations from each talk in the
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 Introduction/Framing of Meeting: William Farland [PDF]

Session 1: Meeting Introduction

Nathaniel Rothman: Characterizations of the Problem: What Do We Know About Individual Variability and Its Contribution to Disease? [PDF]

Claudia S. Miller: Human Variability in Chemical Susceptibility (Intolerance/Sensitvity), Research Findings to Date and Their Implications for Future Study Design [PDF]

Eric Schadt: Technologies to Capture Biological Differences Among Individuals [PDF]


Session 2: Study Designs to Understand the Impact of Biological Variability Among Individuals in Response to Environmental Agents

Fred A. Wright: Quantitative High-Throughput Screening for Chemical Toxicity in Population-Based In Vitro Models [PDF]

John E. (Jef) French: Using Population-Based Animal Models to Explore Individual Variability and Toxicity Recording of this talk available via Archived Webcast

Joel Schwartz: Human Studies that Explore Individual Biological Variability and their Effect on the Susceptibility to Disease [PDF]

Harvey Clewell: Modeling Populations from Data on Individuals [PDF]

Duncan Thomas: Individual Variability in Sensitivity to Environmental Exposures and Its Implications for Risk Assessment [PDF]


Sessions 1 and 2 panel discussions are available via Archived Webcast

Moderators: George Daston

Panelists: Sessions 1 and 2 speakers


Session 3: Using Information on Biological Variability Among Individuals for Public Health Decisions

James (Jim) Kaput: How Findings from Population-Based Studies May Inform Public Health Decisions on the Individual Level [PDF]

Peter Shaw: A Perspective on Pharmacogenetics and Dealing with Emergent Data to Develop Stratified Medicines [PDF]


Session 4: Using New Information on Individual Biological Variability for Environmental Regulatory Decisions

Michael Dourson: How Individual Variability Is Currently Factored Into Risk Assessment/Regulation/Decision Making [PDF]

Weihsueh Chiu: Biological Variability and Improving Environmental Decision-Making [PDF]


Sessions 3 and 4 panel discussions are available via  Archived Webcast

Moderators:  Joyce Tsuji

Panelists: Sessions 3 and 4 speakers


Session 5 panel discussion on Community Perspectives on Bridging the New Science with Decision Making, Including Individual Decision Making is available via Archived Webcast

Session 5 Panel Discussion Questions

Moderators:  Richard Denison

Panelists: Nicholas Ashford, Nsedu Witherspoon, Barbara Biesecker


Session 6: Opportunitites for New Approaches: Implications of New Data to Inform Risk Assessment and Regulatory Decision

Nicholas Ashford: Moving from Risk-Driven Chemicals Policies to Technology-Based Solutions [PDF]


Session 6 panel discussion is available via Archived Webcast

Session 6 Panel Discussion Questions

Moderators:  Ivan Rusyn

Panelists: James (Jim) Kaput, Daniel Axelrad, Weihsueh Chiu, Zachary Pekar


Session 7 Panel Discussion: What Research is Needed to Move Forward in this Area?

Recording of the panel discussion is available via Archived Webcast

Session 7 Panel Discussion Questions

Moderators:  Cheryl Lyn Walker

Panelists: Richard Woychik, Duncan Thomas, John E. (Jef) French, Fred Wright, Barbara Biesecker, Deborah Winn