Metabolomics as a Tool for Characterizing the Exposome

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May 28 – 29, 2015

National Academy of Sciences Building
Lecture Room
2101 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

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Metabolomics—the study of the chemical fingerprints that cellular processes leave behind—is emerging as an important way to characterize exposure. Join the committee on Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions and researchers, professionals, and policy experts for a workshop that will explore this new approach to advancing understanding of environmental impacts on human health. Presentations and panel discussions focused on:

  • A vision for using metabolomics to characterize human exposures to environmental stressors
  • Collecting metabolomics data: technical hurdles and opportunities
  • Turning metabolomics data into useable databased information
  • Case studies that explore the use of metabolomics

Workshop Organizers: Chirag Patel, Harvard University; David Balshaw, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences; David Wishart, University of Alberta; Ivan Rusyn, Texas A&M University; William Farland, Colorado State University; Lauren Zeise, CalEPA