Presentations: Mixtures

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Speakers from a variety of scientific and regulatory fields participated in presentations and panel discussions over the course of this two-day meeting. Here you can download the presentations and the synchronized audio-PowerPoint recordings of presentations and conversations.
Speaker Presentations:
Session 1: Current Range of Approaches to Mixtures/Cumulative/Co-Exposures Risk Assessment

George Daston: Board Overview of the Challenges of Mixtures in Risk Assessment [PDF]

Linda K. Teuschler: Key Concepts, Theory, and Approaches to Chemical Mixture and Cumulative Risk Assessments
[MP3] [PDF]

Session 2: New Thinking on Pathway-Based Approaches

Atul Butte: Identifying Environmental Factors Associated with Disease States
[MP3] [PDF]

Susan Euling: Using Toxicogenomic Data to Support Risk Assessment [PDF]

Chris Gennings: Modeling Cumulative Mixtures Grouped by Common Adverse Outcome
[MP3] [PDF]

Christopher J. Portier: Genomics and Pathways: Prediction and Dose-Response
[MP3] [PDF]

Ed Perkins: Adverse Outcome Pathway Approach to Ecotoxicology and Its Possible Applicability to Human Health Toxicology [PDF]

Thomas Knudsen: Systems Modeling: A Perspective from ToxCast HTS Data [PDF]

Session 3: Exposure-Based Approaches

Lesa Aylward and Sean Hays: Applications of Biomonitoring Data for Chemical Mixtures Assessment: Opportunities and Challenges [PDF]

Session 4: Case Studies

L. Earl Gray: Additive Effects of Compounds with Different Modes of Action
[MP3] [PDF]

Lyle Burgoon: Potential of Genomic Data on PAHs to Inform Cumulative Assessment [PDF]

Panel Discussions:

Session 5: Research Needs
Moderator: Ivan Rusyn
Panelists: David Balshaw, Michael DeVito, Jeffrey Fisher, Jane Ellen Simmons, Sean Hays, George Daston, L. Earl Gray, Chirs Gennings, Thomas Knudsen
FULL MP3 for Research Needs Panel Discussion: [MP3]

Part 1: Intro and Q/A discussion [PDF]

Part 2: Balshaw [PDF]

Part 3: DeVito [PDF]

Part 4: Fisher [PDF]

Part 5: Simmons
[MP3] [PDF]

Part 6A: Research Panel Q/A (part one) [PDF]

Part 6B: Research Panel Q/A (part two) [PDF]

Session 6: Regulatory Implications
Moderator: William Farland
Panelists: Ila Cote, Elizabeth (Beth) Doyle, Moiz Mumtaz, Resha Putzrath, Elizabeth (Betsy) Southerland, Lauren Zeise

Part 1: Intro [PDF]

Part 2: Cote and discussion [PDF]

Part 3: Mumtaz, Doyle [PDF]

Part 4: Doyle (continued), Putzrath, Southerland, Zeise, and discussion (Zaldivar: N/A) [PDF]