Systems Biology-Informed Risk Assessment Presentations

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Speakers from a number of fields participated in discussions and presentations over the course of June’s two-day event on “Systems Biology-Informed Risk Assessment” in environmental health decisions. Here you can find the PowerPoint presentations from each talk and the Archived Webcast. If you did not previously register for this webcast, you will be asked to register before viewing the archived files. Registration is FREE.**Please note: If you have a disability and need assistance with accessing the content of these PowerPoint presentations, please contact Ayesha Ahmed at or  (202) 334-1348.

Session 1: Workshop Introduction

(6/14/12) Opening Remarks/Introduction to Standing Committee: John Balbus and William Farland: Archived Webcast

Kim Boekelheide: The Process of Transformation in Toxicity Testing [PDF]


Session 2: Looking Toward the Horizon of Risk Assessment

Lauren Zeise: Historical Perspective of Risk Assessment [PDF]

Derek Knight (Video Conference): European Experience with Emerging Science.Technologies [PDF]

Ila Cote: Advancing the Next Generation of Risk Assessment [PDF]


Session 3: Advancing Current Risk Assessment with Systems Biology–Screening/Ranking Chemicals, Hazard ID, Dose-Response Analysis, Exposure Assessmen

Ivan Rusyn: Opening Comments [PDF]

Chihae Yang: QSAR21: Linking Biology to Chemistry Through Chemical Inherency and Mode-of-Action Pathways [PDF]

Maurice Whelan: Towards a Knowledge-Driven Paradigm for Chemical Risk Assessment [PDF]

Justin Teeguarden: Systems Toxicology for Cancer Risk Assessment: Considerations in the Context of Vinyl Acetate and Acetaldehyde [PDF]

Robert Devlin: Using Ozone to Validate a Systems Biology Approach to Toxicity Testing [PDF]

Dean Jones: Enhancing Systems Biology of Environmental Exposures Through Universal Biomonitoring [PDF]

Session 3 Panel Discussion Questions



Session 4: Value of Information-Approaches to Decision-Making

Greg Paoli: Value of Information: A Decision-Centric Perspective on Emerging Science [PDF]


Session 5 Panel Discussion: Systems Approaches in NextGen Risk Assessment

Recording of the panel discussion is available on the Archived Webcast

Session 5 Panel Discussion Questions

Moderator:  Greg Paoli

Panelists: Kim Boekelheide, Ila Cote, Donna Mendrick, John Quackenbush


Session 6 Panel Discussion: Perspectives on EPA’s Approach to Designing NextGen Risk Assessment

Recording of the panel discussion is available on the Archived Webcast

Session 6 Panel Discussion Questions

Moderator:  George Daston

Panelists: Richard Denison, Joyce Tsuji, Maurice Whelan, Lauren Zeise


Closing Comments from Daniel Krewski [PDF]