The Promise of Single Cell and Single Molecule Analysis Tools to Advance Environmental Health Research – Workshop Videos and Presentations

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Welcome, context, and overview [View Slides] [Watch Video]

Keegan Sawyer

Kim Boekelheide

Linda Birnbaum

Norbert Kaminski  [View Slides]


Session 1: Enabling Single Cell and Single Molecule Research and Exploring the Toolbox


Overview of the Promise of Single Cell and Single Molecule TechnologiesRamnik Xavier  [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Cell Atlases as roadmaps to understand tumorsOrit Rozenblatt-Rosen


Digital detection of molecules-the new frontier in biomarker analysisM. Selim Ünlü [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Session 2: The Promise and Uses of Single Cell and Single Molecule Technologies


Mass Spectrometry Based Single Cell Metabolomics and Imaging for Environmental Health ResearchVasilis Vasiliou  [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Single-molecule fluorescence microscopy enables super-resolution imaging of DNA replication and repair in living bacterial cellsJulie Biteen  [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Multiplex Imaging for Single Cell Mechanistic Analysis of Steroid Receptor FunctionsMichael Mancini [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Single cell analysis work-flows: the usual and unusualLana Garmire  [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Convergence of single cell assays, bioinformatics and simulation to study tissue injury and regenerationRajanikanth Vadigepalli  [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Lessons from Pulmonary Fibrosis Cell AtlasNaftali Kaminski [Watch Video]


Session 2 Panel Discussion [Watch Video]


Session 3: Exploring Barriers, Challenges, and Limitations


Comprehensive Integration of Single Cell Data—Rahul Satija [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Latent manifolds for single cell data: normalization, batch correction, density estimation—Barbara Engelhardt [Watch Video]


Single cell genomic study design and controlling for unwanted technical and biological variation—Yoav Gilad [View Slides] [Watch Video]






Welcome—Norbert Kaminski [Watch Video]


The Human Cell Atlas—Aviv Regev [Watch Video]


Identifying and rationally modulating cellular drivers of enhanced and diminished immunity—Alex Shalek [View Slides] [Watch Video]


Session 4: Considerations for Application in Environmental Health


Dose Response Modeling at the Level of Single Cells and Single Molecules: From Concepts to ‘Applications’—Melvin Andersen [View Slides] [Watch Video]



Lana Garmire

Michael Mancini

Vasilis Vasiliou

Part 1 Panel Discussion [Watch Video]



Melvin Andersen

Patrick McMullen

Rajanikanth Vadigepalli

Part 2 Panel Discussion [Watch Video]



Closing Remarks—Norbert Kaminski [Watch Video]