Presentations: Stem Cells

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Speakers from a variety of scientific and regulatory fields participated in presentations and panel discussions over the course of this two-day meeting. Here you can download the presentations and conversations.

Speaker Presentations:

William Farland:

William Suk:
[PDF] [MP3]

Susan Fisher:
Opening Remarks
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R. Michael Roberts:
The Nature of Adult and Embryonic Stem Cells and What We Can Learn From Them

Jane Lebkowski:
Culture and Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells to Form Specific, Functional Cell Types
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M. William Lensch:
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (Inducing Pluripotency, Basic Properties, Disease-Specific Lines)
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Roger Pedersen:
Toxicology: A Springboard for Stem Cell Scientists?
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William Pennie:
Stem Cells in an Early Screening Context for Drug Development/Discovery
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Tracey Woodruff:
Human Embryonic Stem Cell Systems: A Platform for Regulatory Decision Making? Are Stem Cells an Answer to Some of the Challenges in Toxicology and Regulatory Decision Making?
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Ricardo Dolmetsch:
Stem Cell Models of Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Entree into Gene-Environment Interactions

Tim Shafer:
Use of Human Neuroprogenitor Cells to Screen Chemicals for the Potential to Cause Developmental Neurotoxicity
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Zena Werb:
Adult Stem Cells and Breast Cancer
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William Farland:
Day 1 Recap

James Trosko:
Stem Cells as Tools for Environmental Science: A Vision
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Panel Discussions:

Session 1: The Basic Biology of Stem Cells
Panelists: R. Michael Roberts, Jane Lebkowski, M. William Lensch
Moderator: Susan Fisher

Session 3: Stem Cell Models for Assessing the Effects of Environmental Chemicals
Panelists: Deborah Hansen, Stanley Barone, Tom Knudsen, David Jacobson-Kram, Richard McFarland
Moderator: William Farland

Discussion: Next Steps
Panelists: Roger Pedersen, William Pennie, Tracey Woodruff, Ricardo Dolmetsch, Tim Shafer, Zena Werb
Moderator: Helmut Zarbl

Session 4: Exploring Environmental Effects on Stem Cells: What Might an NIEHS Program in This Area Look Like?
Panelists: Ricardo Dolmetsch, Roger Pederson, Zena Werb, Tim Shafer, Tracey Woodruff, Thomas Gasiewicz, Susan Fisher, Max Wicha, Helmut Zarbl
Chair: Jose Russo
[MP3] [Russo slide – PDF] [Gasiewicz Slide (PDF) Note: This file was prepared for the meeting but was not shown]

Session 4 Recap: Les Reinlib