Meeting Presentations: Microbiome

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Speakers from a variety of scientific and regulatory fields participated in presentations and panel discussions over the course of this two-day meeting. Here you can watch the synchronized audio-PowerPoint recordings of  presentations and conversations.

PowerPoint presentations are available to all users as PDF files. MP3 audio recordings are available for those presentations that did not include PowerPoint or when specifically requested by the presenter.

Session 1

Helmut Zarbl:
Objectives of the Meeting

Margaret McFall-Ngai:
Origin and Evolution of the Microbiome [PDF]

Vincent Young:
Why is the Microbiome Important in Environmental Health? []

Lita Proctor:
What is the Human Microbiome? [PDF]

Session 2
  • Matam Vijay-Kumar:
    Microbiome and Obesity [PDF]
  • Johanna Lampe:
    Microbiome and Cancer [PDF]
  • Gary Huffnagle:
    Microbiome and Respiratory Disease [PDF]
  • Les Dethlefsen:
    Resilience and Response to Antimicrobials [PDF]
  • Michael Fischbach:
    Identifying and Characterizing Small Molecules from the Human Microbiota []
  • Tom Van de Wiele:
    Environmental Contaminants [PDF]
  • Mildred Cho:
    Conceptualizing Risk: Societal and Scientific Considerations [PDF]
  • Ellen Silbergeld:
    The Microbiome Within a New Framework for Environmental Health [PDF]
Panel Discussions:

Session 2
Panelists: James Goedert, Margaret McFall-Ngai
Moderator: Helmut Zarbl

Session 3
Panelists: Bruce Fowler, Jo Handelsman, Ivan Rusyn, Vincent Young, Session 3 speakers
Moderator: John Balbus

Session 4: Part A
Panelists: Vincent Cogliano, Lisa Chadwick, Mildred Cho, Akbar Khan, Lita Proctor, Dan Sharp, Jeanette Thurston
Moderator: Tina Bahadori

Session 4: Part B
Panelists:Kerry Dearfield, William Farland, Lita Proctor, Rita Schoeny, Treye Thomas
Moderator: Ellen Silbergeld