Genome Editing Workshop Presentations

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Welcome and Context (Video)

Workshop Overview—Lesa Aylward [PDF] [Video]


Session 1: Genome and Epigenome Editing: Trends, Techniques, and Capabilities


  • Introductory Remarks- Shruthi Mahalingaiah [Video]
  • The Genome Editing Era—Fyodor Urnov [PDF] [Video]
  • Defining and Improving Cas9 Specificity—Vikram Pattanayak [PDF] [Video]
  • Genome Editing Perspective from NIEHS: Questions, Challenges, Promise?—Richard Woychik  [PDF] [Video]
  • Applying CRISPR in Environmental Health Research: From Cells to Human Populations—Luoping Zhang  [PDF] [Video]
  • Panel Discussion with Morning Speakers [Video]


Session 2: Exploring Toxicology-Relevant Uses of Genome Editing Tools


  • Introductory Remarks- David Taylor  [PDF] [Video]
  • Applications of Piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA) for Epigenome Modification in Environmental Health Research—Dana Dolinoy  [PDF] [Video]
  • Tracking an AHR Regulatory Circuit in Cancer with AHR Inhibitors, CRISPR/Cas9 Knockdown, and Other Tricks—David Sherr  [PDF] [Video
  • Using CRISPR Genomic Screening to Examine Gene-Environment Interactions—Christopher Vulpe  [PDF] [Video]
  • CRISPR Screening to Identify Suppressors of Cellular Stress Response to Proteo-Toxicants—Quan Lu  [PDF] [Video]
  • Panel Discussion on Leverage Genome Editing Tools in Molecular and Cellular Studies  [Video]
    • Quan Lu
    • Dana Dolinoy
    • Chris Vulpe
    • David Sherr
  • Genome Editing Research for Translational Toxicology Solutions- Rebecca Fry  [PDF] [Video]
  • Applications of Genome Editing to Understand Molecular Mechanisms of Chemical Sensitivity and Resistance—Mark Hahn  [PDF] [Video]
  • Genome Editing in Rat Models of the Metabolic Syndrome—Anne Kwitek  [PDF] [Video]
  • Panel Discussion on Leverage Genome Editing Tools in Whole Organism and Human Population Studies  [Video]
    • Rebecca Fry
    • Anne Kwitek
    • Mark Hahn
  • Closing Remarks—David Gerhold  [PDF] [Video]


  • Welcome and Recap—Gary Miller [PDF] [Video]
  • Recording Biological Surroundings from Within—Harris Wang [PDF] [Video]

Session 3: Incorporating Genome Editing Tools into Environmental Health Research: Pathways Forward

  • Introductory Remarks- Norbert Kaminski [Video]
  • Designing Research to Inform Environmental Risk Assessment—Keith Houck [PDF] [Video]
  • Designing Research to Inform Medical Practice—Lynae Brayboy  [PDF] [Video]
  • Panel Discussion—Research Ideas to Generate Evidence for Action [Video]


Panel Discussion—Perspectives on Use of Genome Editing Research for Environmental Health Decisions [Video]

  • -Treye Thomas
  • -Stanley Barone
  • -Gary Ginsberg
  • -Linda Wennerberg
  • -Carolyn Wilson


Closing Remarks—Reza Rasoulpour [PDF] [Video]