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Teratology Society 52nd Annual Meeting
June 23-27, 2012
Marriott Baltimore Waterfront
Baltimore, Maryland



New podcast: The Exposome

The “exposome” represents all of the things we’re exposed to throughout life, taken together. Some scientists believe studying the exposome could help answer some big questions about what keeps us healthy—and what makes us sick. In a new podcast titled “The Exposome,” NIEHS talks to Emory University’s Gary Miller, Ph.D. and Yomi Noibi, Ph.D., of the non-profit ECO-Action about what the exposome might mean for science and public health. 

This podcast is a part of our monthly series, Environmental Health Chat. Brought to you by NIEHS’s Partnerships for Environmental Public Health program, Environmental Health Chat focuses on how the environment affects our health. Each podcast is less than 6 minutes long—we get straight to the point to deliver the latest research straight to your ears.