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Environmental Health Matters Initiative

Exploring innovative solutions to protect human health

Every day, in every endeavor, people interact with their environments. Healthy environments are crucial both to the quality of life and to the years of healthy life that people enjoy. Environmental factors that affect human health are many and diverse, including exposures to pollutants, climate change, occupational hazards, and the built environment.

Preventing harm from environmental exposures is difficult and rarely straightforward. Decisions that affect human health are made across a wide range of sectors, including transportation, agriculture, medicine, construction, and industry. The information needed to explore solutions is embodied not only in the life and chemical sciences, but also in engineering, medicine, economics, and in the social sciences and human behavior.

Despite a growing understanding of the complexity of the challenges and the need to work across sectors and disciplines, the environmental health* community is still working through too narrow a lens. There is a need for more effective mechanisms to explore the rich sources of data, information, and insights that lie just beyond its realm.

*Environmental health is a science and public health practice focused on the relationships between the environment and human health.