The Environmental Health Matters Initiative (EHMI) will provide a new forum in which the environmental health community can interact with leaders from a wide range of sectors and disciplines to explore innovative solutions to the nation’s most significant environmental health challenges.

EHMI will provide a venue for exploration of opportunities for progress among its diverse participants, both through online information gathering and in a series of meetings and workshops.  Once an area of opportunity is identified, for example, the potential health impacts of a disruptive technology like autonomous vehicles, participants will gather relevant background information, discuss the scope of the issue, and look at the issue from a systems perspective. This process of “peeling back the onion” with the benefit of multiple viewpoints, will enable identification of key needs and opportunities, such as:

  • What important scientific questions need to be answered?
  • What interventions are in place now and what interventions need to be developed?
  • What are the barriers to implementing interventions or taking action?
  • What contributions can various actors make toward progress?

Armed with this analysis, the EHMI will develop a roadmap for action in areas of opportunity.  With the ultimate goal to protect human health, success can be measured in a number of ways, including: important questions answered, informed decisions made, action steps taken, and the novelty of solutions applied in an areas of opportunity.

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