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Meeting Five

Meeting details

June 24, 2013

Location: 2101 C St. NW, Washington, DC



Application of Probabilistic Risk Assessment to Multiple Reactor Units, Karl Fleming, KNF Consulting Services LLC

Overview of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Responses to 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Christiana Lui, Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response, Division of Security Policy

Origin and Requirements for B.5.b Mitigating Strategies, Eric Bowman, Office of Nuclear Reactor regulation, Division of Policy and Rulemaking

Spent Fuel Pool Beyond-Design-Basis Earthquake Consequence Study, Hossein Esmaili, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, Division of Systems Analysis; Jose Pires, RES/Division of Engineering; Donald Helton, RES/Division of Risk Assessment; Keith Compton, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research