Updates to Committee Membership and Statement of Task (11/18/2014)

Three new committee members have been provisionally appointed to the committee. To view the committee members, click here. Members of the public may provide comments on the committee’s composition through December 7 here.

Clarifications have been made to the committee’s statement of task.

About This Study

People around the world have a wide range of questions and opinions about the economic, agronomic, health, safety, or other impacts of GE crops and food.   Claims and research that extol both the benefits and risks of GE crops have created a confusing landscape for the public and for policy makers.  This National Research Council study is intended to provide an independent, objective examination of what has been learned since the introduction of GE crops, based on current evidence. The study will assess whether initial concerns and promises were realized since the introduction of GE crops and will investigate new concerns and recent claims.

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Send email to GEcrops@nas.edu

Suggest an Expert to the Committee

The committee invites experts to give presentations during the information-gathering phase of the study. Suggest an expert to speak to the committee.

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