Leland L. Glenna is an associate professor of rural sociology and science, technology, and society in the Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education Department at The Pennsylvania State University. His research and teaching fit into three areas of emphasis: 1) the social and environmental impacts of agricultural science and technology, 2) the role of science and technology in agricultural and environmental policy making, and 3) the social and ethical implications of democratizing science and technology research. His domestic research focuses on how research funding for and research outputs from university-industry research collaborations in agricultural and food science change over time, especially in the area of genetic engineering technology. His current international research projects focus on agricultural and community development and on international comparative analyses of agricultural research funding and innovations. Prior to his time at Penn State, he served as a postdoctoral associate and lecturer at Cornell University, a research sociologist at the University of California at Davis, and an assistant professor at Washington State University. Dr. Glenna received his bachelor’s degree in history from Hamline University, his masters of divinity from Harvard University School of Divinity, and his doctorate of philosophy in rural sociology from the University of Missouri.

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