The Interstate Alliance on Stem Cell Research (IASCR) is a voluntary body whose mission is to advance stem cell research (human embryonic, adult, and other) by fostering effective interstate collaboration, by assisting states in developing research programs, and by promoting efficient and responsible use of public funds. The IASCR was established to facilitate coordination among states that wish to advance stem cell research. Stem cell research programs vary considerably in scope and the regulatory requirements that underpin them. This diversity of approaches could impede collaboration and the sharing of research materials or raise overall costs. The IASCR provides a forum for information exchange and collaborative planning in an attempt to facilitate the sharing of data, resources, and cell lines across state borders to ensure the efficient development of research programs.

Support for the IASCR Secretariat at the National Academies has been provided by the Presidents’ Committee of the National Research Council.

Any state that supports the mission and goals of the IASCR is welcome to request that it be allowed to become a participating state in the organization. Please contact Geoff Lomax or Warren Wollschlager if you are interested.

Image Credit: The image used in this website’s header graphic shows neuron differentiation from human embryonic stem cells: neurons with processes (green), motor neurons (red), and cell nuclei (blue). The image is provided by the lab of University of Wisconsin-Madison stem cell researcher and neurodevelopmental biologist Su-Chun Zhang. Copyright for the photograph is held by the University of Wisconsin’s Board of Regents.