I. Mission

The Interstate Alliance on Stem Cell Research (IASCR) is a voluntary body whose mission is to advance stem cell research (human embryonic, adult, and other) by fostering effective interstate collaboration, by assisting states in developing research programs, and by promoting efficient and responsible use of public funds.

II. Goals

The goals of IASCR are to (a) identify and increase opportunities for interstate collaboration; (b) identify and decrease obstacles to collaborative research across state lines; and (c) assist states who wish to develop or improve upon public funding programs in this area. IASCR will do so in consultation with private and public research program administrators, private and public researchers, ESCRO members, consumers, and other interested parties.

III. Objectives

IASCR objectives include the development of mechanisms for data and material sharing, the provision of technical assistance, the identification of critical issues and strategic options, the provision of subject matter expertise to members, and the development of formal and/or informal state assistance and reciprocity agreements.

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